Yoga Trainer, Registered Nutritionist, Ayurveda Practioner, Nature Lover and Holds A Big Heart For All Animals.

What Clients Are Saying…

Accountability, trust and knowledge is what you can expect from this amazing Coach. T.J. Langley, BC

Connie leads the fitness industry with her creative approach to health & fitness. W.C. Whistler, BC 

About Me

Thanks for stopping by. Growing up I never would have thought I could become an entrepreneur. Building a successful health and fitness company over the last 30 years. I enjoy challenging myself to stay healthy. Even when life throws crazy things our way. A mentor of mine once told me that it is the storm that teaches us to become stronger tomorrow than we are today,

In 2015 I suffered a life threatening spinal cord injury with a very upsetting prognosis.

My recovery continues to fuel my own commitment to living healthy. While still trying to understand that we all have weaknesses. So I remind myself daily that I am stronger than my weakest link.

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