Save Time and Train At Home


I am so excited to be back home in Whistler again. The past few months have been busy with my Online Clients, completing a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition and enjoying a Restorative Yoga Teacher Training.

Now it is time to share all this knowledge with you. Currently, I have a few openings available for In-Home Programs.

Why train at home?
Save time.
No equipment needed
Nutritional programs are easily designed in your kitchen.
It is convenient. You are ready to begin your day as soon as your training is done.
Flexible times available
Allows us to quietly chat about the important things

Programs available: 

Customized programs are based on your time, needs and goals. They may include weight loss/gain, strength training, injury prevention/rehab, stress reduction, core and back strength, joint flexibility, nutrition, meal planning, food prep and lifestyle modifications.

Customizing lifestyle programs involve not only exercise and nutrition, but also how our body systems (immune, cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous etc) function daily.  A lifestyle and nutrition assessment is included in monthly programs.

The Contact form below will get us started.
In Health,
Connie Oliwa CPT, RHN