What Motivates Me?

I often get asked what motivates me. I never know how to answer but I do think about it often. What does motivate me? Truly, I think its the same thing that motivates you. Motivation comes from believing our choices and our actions will have a positive outcome. We know by working hard we will... Continue Reading →

Now Is Your Time

This is now YOUR time to design YOUR life the way YOU want to live it. We are not holding anything back in this 8 week lifestyle coaching program. Currently being offered at a reduced rate of only $2800.00 You are unique and this program is just as unique as you are. Your journey begins... Continue Reading →

Sharing A Client’s Success

A few weeks back my dear friend and client, Cathie, sent me a recent picture of herself. Now, receiving a picture from her was surprising enough. When I saw it, I was happy but could feel a tear in my eyes as she looked beautiful, confident and quite comfortable in her own body. I immediately... Continue Reading →

Burn Calories and Get Lean Fast

Looking for faster results without having to work harder? Add balance training to your fitness program and daily activities. When the body has to balance it needs to recruit more of the smaller muscles to do the same job. The more muscles we can use during any exercise, the more calories we burn and therefore... Continue Reading →

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