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Get Strong in the Gym Program

Up your intensity and strength while decreasing fat and boredom at the gym. This program is a full body workout designed to rev up your metabolism and gain maximum results. Beginning with one set of 12 exercises adding a second, third and fourth set each week to progress. This is a functional program that includes cables, free weights, and bands for variety and will hit your core and stabilizer muscles for additional strength.


Happy Hips – Online Program

A strong body requires flexibility to stay long, lean and injury free. This 15 min. video requires no equipment and is a great home or gym program. A Hatha inspired program that concentrates on opening the hips and stretches the hamstrings, to release tension in the knees, ankles, and back. Convenient when you are traveling as it is delivered to your inbox. Email support is included for any modifications needed.


Core Conditioning Program

This intense 15 min. core conditioning video workout can be done anywhere & anytime. A great program with unlimited email support, motivation, and inspiration for 7 days. No equipment is necessary.


My monthly program is customized for you. Lifestyle designing is about finding the balance within it.
With proper direction, support and accountability YOU will achieve long-lasting results.

Monthly Coaching with Connie Oliwa RHN, CYT

You and I spend the time needed thru phone calls, emails, online and videos to break down your weakness and improve your strengths. We can only be successful if we are on the right path for our own specific goals and needs. We look at all areas of your lifestyle. nutrition, exercise, self-care, stress and time management. It is a process and takes a commitment from you, are you ready? Then let’s get started.


Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment with Recommendations – Online

This is a comprehensive assessment which is based on the nutritional symptomatology of the body systems. (digestive, intestinal, circulatory/cardiovascular, nervous, immune/lymphatic, respiratory, urinary, glandular/endocrine, structural & reproductive). We are only as strong as our weakest links. When we understand our weaknesses we can then design a plan to become stronger. Recommendations include nutrition, exercise and lifestyle/stress management programs. 30-day modification and email support are included. Groups may purchase multiple assessments. Bonus: My Simply Nutritious Recipe Ebook Bundle is included for you to enjoy 84 healthy and nutritious recipes. Recipe modifications are included to suit your nutritional needs.




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