Strengthen Your Back & Train Your Core

  I just love when we get to be creative with our exercises. I also love suggesting a new challenging exercise to a client and they immediately respond with, "No, I can't do that." Then, they try it, with success. Move Your Body, Everyday, In A Variety of Ways. We are all stronger than we... Continue Reading →

5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bloating

You know the feeling:  your pants feel a bit tight and your belly feels a little too full. The holiday season can throw our whole system out of balance but you can get it back to normal with a few simple changes. Bloating is usually caused by excessive gas and/or imbalanced intestinal contractions. Bloating causes... Continue Reading →

A great exercise to get ready for the snow season. Whether you hike, ski, snowboard, run or walk in the snow, this exercise will strengthen your legs, back and core. I have clients vary it by holding for 5 breaths, then performing 10 squats and repeating 5 to 10 times.

My Simply Delicious Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Banana Bread 

I have learned to appreciate the simplicity in many things these days and this banana loaf is one of those simple pleasures. I make a batch weekly as it freezes oh so well. I love lots of walnuts so go ahead and be creative with your ingredients. 2 cups almond flour or flour of choice... Continue Reading →

Simply Soup

I love my steamer. I use it just as much as my slow cooker. I do a lot of food prep but I don't really enjoy it, so I need to keep it simple or it won't get done. Food prep is important to me so I can feed my body the nutrients it needs... Continue Reading →

My Top 3 Ways To Increase Microbiome

Did you know that changing your diet can result in a shift of the microbial composition of your gut in as little as 24 hours? Your diet will impact your digestive performance in a positive or negative way. Every action has a reaction, good or bad. So how do we eat for a healthy microbiome?... Continue Reading →

A Big Peanut Butter Ball

This is one of my newly created peanut butter protein balls. These handy and healthy snacks are quick to make and freeze well. I make a variety of them on my meal prep days.  Part of eating healthy is learning to be creative. This one has: Pumpkin seeds Walnuts Chia seeds Chocolate chips Peanut butter... Continue Reading →

A Simply Delicious Cashew Cheese Sauce

Sometimes we want the taste of cheese without the extra fat and heaviness that comes with it. This cashew cheese sauce can be thick or thin depending on the amount of water you use and what the recipe calls for. I use nutritional yeast. It is an inactive yeast made from sugarcane and beet molasses.... Continue Reading →

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