Should I Hot or Should I Cold?

written by Connie Oliwa, RHN Let us look at some benefits of both hot and cold water. Cold: Stimulates your nerve endings which produce a bit of a kick-start for you. So if you are feeling tired, cranky or lethargic, a cold shower may be the answer. Depression is a hot topic these days that... Continue Reading →

Our Thyroid and The Metabolism Connection

Our thyroid is a little butterfly-shaped organ located in the neck. I am not discussing the role of it but will say the hormones it releases control our metabolism, which is how we use our energy.Our thyroid function manages our:breathingstrengthmenstrual cyclesbody temperaturesweatingfatigueability to tolerate heat/coldjoint and muscle painmood3 Ways To Improve Our Thyroid Function Nutrition: Eliminate or at... Continue Reading →

Microbiomes and Gut Health

I feel I need to talk about microbiomes. We are all concerned with gut health so let's discuss it. The #1 food to eat and grow a good gut is plant fiber. Our bacterial cells outnumber our human cells. Our microbes are not germs that cause disease, they are actually an essential part of our... Continue Reading →

Homemade Strawberry and Banana Cashew Milk

For me, this is dessert. At night, I will warm it slightly and sip on it while reading before bed. I tried store brands of almond and other kinds of milk alternatives, but besides soy, they just seem so watery and tasteless. So I started making my own almond milk but almonds need to be soaked.... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Inflammation

We all have heard about inflammation and let's admit it, most of us suffer from it. We ache, our joints swell because of it, we have it. But ask yourself the question. What are we doing to rid our bodies of it? If you still live in the world that you accept being sore and... Continue Reading →

Burn Calories and Get Lean Fast

Looking for faster results without having to work harder? Add balance training to your fitness program and daily activities. When the body has to balance it needs to recruit more of the smaller muscles to do the same job. The more muscles we can use during any exercise, the more calories we burn and therefore speeding... Continue Reading →

Why Yoga?

Yoga Is A Journey Of The Self, Through The Self, To The Self. - The Bhagavad Gita The power of yoga is about challenging ourselves physically and mentally while staying calm in the body, the mind, and breath. Strengthen the Body, Nourish the Mind & Love the Spirit - Connie Oliwa #parksvilleyoga #yogainparksville

Learn To Detox Naturally

Like All Things, Our Body Needs Time To Rest.  We spend a great part of our day eating.  We eat, then nibble, then snack, then eat again and nibble some more. Our body, especially our liver, has a natural detoxification cycle. But we have to give this cycle the opportunity to do what it is designed to... Continue Reading →

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