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A quick introduction. My name is Connie Oliwa. I am a certified yoga trainer and a registered holistic nutritionist thru the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I live in the beautiful resort town of Whistler, British Columbia Canada. I spend most of my summer on and around the amazing Vancouver Island. I live a whole foods, mostly plant based lifestyle. I spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors. I hike, run, kayak and love exploring cute little towns and I am very dedicated to my yoga. Yoga is a lifestyle. It is my balance. Reminding me the importane of feeding my self well, moving my body daily and maintaining a self care routine. It is what motivates me to become the best version of myself.

I have worked with clients and their families in home, in the gym and at the office for over 25 years.
I believe that change is the only constant in life. So as the World changed last year so did my training. We don’t get to stop just because everything else does. I still coach, teach community classes, train privately and set nutrition plans all online now.

I beleive you will get to know me best by knowing who my clients are.

Retirees that want to maintain health and freedom of movement for the long term. Weekly or monthly sessions online, video calls to stay accountable, 25 years of knowledge, experience and client approved success programs all ready for you.

Busy professionals that enjoy the freedom of training online on their own time. All the info, support and accountability delivered to your inbox. Monthly video calls included.

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