Online Yogacore Training & Classes Begin April 9, 2020

Sometimes things beyond our control forces us to stop and rest. As we discuss in class, rest is necessary. This is when we heal, strengthen & re energize. Over the last two weeks we have rested as our World has changed. Now we must begin the process of changing to understand how to live strong... Continue Reading →

Meal Prep Hacks To Save Time In The Kitchen

  I am the first one to say meal prep is necessary in order to eat smart. So I asked my clients to share some of their ideas that will help to save us all time. Here they are: 1. Plan Your Meals.  Maybe not all of them, 2 to 3 days worth is good.... Continue Reading →

Are There Positive Benefits To Expressing Negative Emotions?

Do you ever find yourself sounding negative when really all you may be doing is decompressing from your day? Years ago, I worked with a psychologist and he taught us that taking 10 minutes at the end of your day to decompress is not only smart but healthy. Audibly expressing, or talking about what is... Continue Reading →

A Good Night Sleep or Not.

Your circadian rhythm is your own 24-hour internal clock. It is basically your sleep/wake cycle. For most adults, we experience a dip in our energy around 1 pm & 3 pm when we tend to crave a nap.  An interesting note here, you may not experience these low energy dips as often if you are... Continue Reading →

Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, WFPB?

Well, we are at that point in our lives where social media has become so time-consuming that we actually spend more time "researching" how we should eat instead of just eating good food by making smart choices. As a Nutritionist, not a plant-based or a keto-friendly or a low carb or a vegan, just a... Continue Reading →

Strengthen Your Back & Train Your Core

  I just love when we get to be creative with our exercises. I also love suggesting a new challenging exercise to a client and they immediately respond with, "No, I can't do that." Then, they try it, with success. Move Your Body, Everyday, In A Variety of Ways. We are all stronger than we... Continue Reading →

5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bloating

You know the feeling:  your pants feel a bit tight and your belly feels a little too full. The holiday season can throw our whole system out of balance but you can get it back to normal with a few simple changes. Bloating is usually caused by excessive gas and/or imbalanced intestinal contractions. Bloating causes... Continue Reading →

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