Healthy Fats & Keto Coffee?

Yesterday I posted on social media a picture of what the World calls Keto Coffee which is available on my website.
Since many of you had comments I thought I would write a post and give you my thoughts on it.
As many of you know I strongly believe that Mother Nature has provided us with all the nutrients we need yet sometimes reality says convenience wins.
Last year I decided to increase my healthy fats first thing in the morning to help sustain my energy thru my morning fitness session. Researching the role of fats in the body shows that good fats help to metabolize stored fats to be used for energy and provide satiety, the feeling of being full.
I am a believer in taking care of our digestive system and our “gut.” Fats also work to help improve the “gut” lining so to me, adding some healthy fats first thing in the morning made sense.
I always enjoy simplicity, especially when dealing with the complexity of understanding the body. So I started with 1/2 an avocado after a glass of water first thing in the morning before coffee. It wasn’t delicious but it made sense. Sometimes I used a tablespoon of coconut oil, grass-fed butter, or ghee (clarified butter).
I am an early riser and felt the added fat sustained my energy thru my exercise and until breakfast.
I normally enjoy black coffee yet sometimes it upsets my stomach in the morning and the addition of the fat seemed to solve this issue. Wonderful.
Simplifying things even more I began adding coconut oil, or butter directly into my morning coffee. This is what the World refers to as Keto coffee. There are many variations as there are with most things in life. It does become frothy if blended.
Going back to my Keto coffee post yesterday. When I travel I rarely change the way I eat and this takes much planning. I will choose fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and a good source of protein as often as I can. I also plan for the times when things aren’t available. So I pack with me green powders, a protein or collagen powder, and my vitamins. Now I carry a few single-serving packs of Keto coffee which is a simple treat.
As always it is up to us as individuals to fully understand what our own body needs to be nourished and energized. Each of us is unique and requires different sources of nutrients. I probably just took the fun out of a yummy coffee experience but those that know me understand I believe health is more important than want. 95% of the time.
Touch base if you have questions. Knowledge is the foundation of healthy living.