An Integrated Approach to Your Health & Fitness

Integrated simply means integrating or combining many different ideas and thoughts to promote healthy living.

To sustain and enjoy our health for the long term we like to look at it from an integrated or holistic approach. Where we focus on all aspects of body, mind, and spirit.

For instance, there are different phases of integrated training. Once the client has developed the appropriate amounts of balance, mobility, and flexibility, we can progress to the strength level of the program. This level consists of a higher level of both strength and endurance appropriate to the fitness level and exercise tolerance. All of which improve with the right timing and workload.

Taking an integrated approach allows us to combine different areas of fitness. This may include yoga, cardio, bodyweight, weights, trx, bands, breath work, neuromuscular connectivity, and range of motion exercises.

Integrated health and fitness allow us to become the healthiest versions of ourselves.