Top Fitness & Nutrition Trends for 2021

2021 is a year of new discoveries and opportunities. It is teaching us how our everyday habits and behaviours can dramatically change. As individuals as well as a global community. For many of us our priorities are changing as we focus more on our own health & fitness. The whole wellness culture has changed in so many ways. Opening up exciting opportunities which allow us to change with the new ways.

I wanted to share with you a few of the top trends coming our way, the ones I beleive are safe, healthy & here to stay.

1. Functional nutrition. Eat the foods that nourish you both physically & mentally.

2. Immunity boosters. The future of our food will allow us to ask questions such as what foods may help in preventing disease instead of our old school thought in trying to cure it.

3. Mental healh. This topic should be a priority for all of us. While food alone cannot cure or treat illness we are beginning to see scientific research that says eating minimally processed foods with rich nutrients may help support our moods and overall feeling of well being.

4. Eating with purpose. Consumers are now supporting more companies with a backstory and purpose. Knowing where your food comes from, shopping locally, knowing the farmers, less packaging expecially with plastics, quality of the food and the soils it is grown in is now becoming a priority.

5. Climatarian. Our food choices will include more environmentally friendly and sustainable food practices. We now care about foods that have a lower impact not only on our health but also our climate. Our own small individual changes collectively can make a large, long term difference.

6. Lifestyle overhauls. This time is teaching us to enjoy a more relaxed approach to many things. We are shifting from the extreme diets and always intense workouts to a simple yet results focused healthy lifestyle. Enjoying outdoor walks and workouts, eating simple foods that are made at home with less prosessed and refinded ingredients and creating a self care routine that helps us relax and enjoy where we are today.

7. Family nutrition. We are fine tuning not only our own but our entire families well being. Teaching our kids to help prepare meals, the impact food has on our bodies and environment so they can maintain sustainable and healthy habits throughout their lives.

8. Power of 10. The idea of short bursts of exercise having a benefit on the body has been in discussion for years. More and more research is becoming available that states short bursts of at least 10 minutes with an increased heart rate will have a positive benefit on the body. Both physically and mentally. Doing these sort bursts overtime may also create a physiological long term habit without you even knowing!

Our daily choices do have an impact. Let’s make some great ones this year!

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