A Global Community Class

We are at a time in life where the desire to open our hearts and share our love & compassion with each other is great. The best way I know to open my heart to all of you is thru my own yoga practice.

I invite you to invite everyone you know to participate in an 11 week global community class series. Some may join one class, some all eleven. Some may watch and just enjoy being part of this incredible journey we are about to emark on together.

I will lead each class with poses to help release tension, relax muscles and calm our spirits. This series is designed to bring us closer to ourselves and to each other. It is non judgemental. non competitive and full of love and kindness.

Classes are 45 minutes on Zoom and may be live streamed to Youtube. Recordings may not be available.

There are a few things I will ask of you as these classes are open to everyone and are complimentray.

~ If it is available please offer a donation to a local charity of your choice. A donation may be cash, food, clothing or even your time. I would love if you mentioned the charity on your social media platforms and tagged me in it.
Facebook @connieoliwa
Instagram @raiseyourownvibrations

~ Share this post with your friends, family and on all your social media platforms. Lets enjoy some yoga together while staying apart.

~ If you havent already please join my social media platforms so we can all stay connected.

You must register in advance for the first class January 20, 2020 by clicking the link below.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining this global community event.

See you in class.

In health & happiness, in love & kindness,

Connie Oliwa CYT, RHN

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