Sharing A Client’s Success

A few weeks back my dear friend and client, Cathie, sent me a recent picture of herself.

Now, receiving a picture from her was surprising enough. When I saw it, I was happy but could feel a tear in my eyes as she looked beautiful, confident and quite comfortable in her own body.

I immediately saw her success. Not with her weight loss, not even with how she looked on the outside. I only saw the confidence she now has on the inside.

Cathie began training with me Fall 2019 and we became friends quite quickly.

As her trainer, I soon realized she didn’t need me for my knowledge or experience in health & fitness as she is quite knowledgeable and very body savvy herself.

I probably learned from her as much as she did from me.

Cathie needed something else from me. She needed me to listen and to keep her accountable. Not to me, accountable to herself.

Since we began training together, Cathie has lost 75 lbs. in 10 months. She accomplished this by moving her body daily and feeding it what it needed to become healthy again. She stayed strong on her journey which was not easy some days.

Cathie has agreed to share with us her own struggles and challenges which began many years ago and some leading to her successes of today.

Her story will be available here tomorrow for you to enjoy.

I have always believed in my personal and professional life that we are stronger together.

We share the same struggles and challenges and I am grateful to Cathie for sharing her inspirations and successes with all of us.

Be kind to yourself. Today, tomorrow and always.

connie xoxo

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