Meal Prep Hacks To Save Time In The Kitchen


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Meal Prep Hacks 

I am the first one to say meal prep is necessary in order to eat smart. So I asked my clients to share some of their ideas that will help to save us all time.

Here they are:

1. Plan Your Meals.  Maybe not all of them, 2 to 3 days worth is good. This will prevent unnecessary trips to the grocery store. If you have kids get them to plan one meal so they are participating. This will also help to stay on budget and avoid random purchases that may just go to waste.

2. Prep Your Produce. Right after shopping, before the vegetables go in the fridge. Wash and chop.

3. Pre-cook Grains. Once you have an idea of your meal plan, go ahead and pre-cook your grains. Rice, quinoa, beans, lentils. All of which can be served cold in a salad added to your buddha bowl or stir fry.

4. Not everything has to be “homemade”. Let’s face it, time is important and most places make hummus much better than I do.  Just be smart with your choices and watch for “no sugar” and “low sodium” items. Choose items that are made daily in the store. Not brought in. If unsure, just ask.

5. One-Pot Meals: Your slow cooker and instapot are lifesavers. Use them often. I love arriving at home to the smell of a delicious soup that is ready to be eaten!

Mealtime should be simple and enjoyable. It is an opportunity to connect with family and decompress from your day.  These ideas will reduce time in the kitchen and add valuable time to your week.



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