Top 3 Ways To Increase Microbiome

Did you know that changing your diet can result in a shift of the microbial composition of your gut in as little as 24 hours?

Your diet will impact your digestive performance in a positive or negative way. Every action has a reaction, good or bad.

So how do we eat for a healthy microbiome? I have 3 simple ideas for you.

1. Eat more fibre. Enjoy an apple first thing in the morning. A simple start.

2. Choose easily digested proteins. For so many reasons, including our environment, let’s consume a meatless meal three times per week. Meat takes almost twice as long as other proteins to digest. Vegetarian lasagna with low-fat cheese is a great idea. See my blog for the recipe.

3. Fermented foods. My Dad use to make cabbage rolls baked with sauerkraut and they were delicious. It is still one of my favorite winter meals. Miso, yogurt, fermented vegetables are also great choices.

I always suggest starting slowly with small changes. Your body works best when it has time to process a new way of eating.

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