Is It Time To Reset Your Digestion?

There are so many “diets” available these days I find it all so confusing.

People always ask me how I eat. Am I a vegan? Vegetarian? Do I eat Keto? Well, I must say, I have tried most of the “diets” out there.

I always come back to simplicity in my nutrition and exercise. Simplicity is easy to sustain long term. Why are we trying to complicate living healthy?

Mother Nature provided us with everything we need. Are we listening to her?

So here we go. I am sharing with you my thoughts on eating healthy and it works quite well for me. At 51, I am leaner and stronger than ever and I enjoy an abundance of energy.

This is also how I have coached clients over the past 25 years. Simplicity works.

My Top 5 Simply Eating Tips

1. Eat Real Food. If Mother Nature provided it, eat it. If it is manufactured in a processing plant, then don’t eat it.

2. 80/20 Rule. We are never going to be perfect and that’s OK. We don’t have to. I coach clients to make the healthiest choices available to them 80% of the time. Then 20% don’t worry so much.
For me, Monday to 5 pm Friday I follow my 80% rule. After 5 pm Friday thru Sunday I eat ice cream! Find what works for you.

3. Eat an abundance of vegetables. When shopping buy 10 varieties of vegetables. This will ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need.  Eat Green To Get Lean. Seriously.

4. Hydrate early in the morning. Before bed, place two glasses of water beside your coffee maker. You know where I am going with this! When you get up and hit brew, button and drink one glass of water. Then enjoy a cup of coffee and then drink the second cup of water just because it is there!

5. How To Develop A Fat Burning, Muscle Building Metabolism With Nutrition.

Everyone wants this. A fast metabolism so we have all the energy we need to burn fat and develop muscle. Of course, what you do with your fitness will play a role in this.
What you put into your body will determine this.

Some of the largest and strongest animals on this planet eat plants. Elephants, gorillas, bison, rhinos, horses and cows get their nutrients from plants. They get their protein from plants. 

Now, I am not saying you shouldn’t eat meat. Eat whole foods, mostly plants.  which includes an abundance of fruits and vegetables to ensure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to develop a metabolism that fits your lifestyle.

When eating meat keep it the size of an appetizer. Then fill the rest of your plate with vegetables and healthy carbohydrates.

Simplicity Is Sustainable.

Just a reminder my  Digest Reset Workshop is on Tuesday, September 17th in Parksville. Unable yo make it? The workshop is available in a PDF on September 19, 2019

Digestion Reset – Tuesday October 22nd @ 9:30 am – NEW Date

A sluggish metabolism may be due to weak digestion. Bloating, gas, stomach pain, constipation, low energy levels & poor sleeping issues are linked to digestive issues. These issues are problems that can be fixed. Learn how simple it is to reset your digestion and increase your metabolism in 30 days with the right tools. It may not be the food that you are eating, rather the time you eat and the combinations. Join Connie Oliwa, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, for an in-depth interactive discussion on improving your digestive health. You will receive a PDF summary of this workshop which includes 30 days of support & accountability via email with me. Let’s improve your digestion, fire up your metabolism and enjoy more energy!


30 Days To A Healthy Digestion

My Top 5 Daily Habits will reset your digestion in 30 days if you are consistent and enjoy the journey. You will receive: A Beautifully Created Healthy Digestion PDF that by following 5 simple daily habits your digestion will begin functioning at a higher level with less work. My Simply Delicious Vol. 1 Recipe Ebook that is client approved. Enjoy 12 recipes including breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks. All of which can be modified for different nutritional needs. A shopping list and a weekly menu plan to simplify your life and save you time. 7 days of unlimited coaching with myself via email.



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