Top 3 Ways To Recharge The Brain

Everyone needs a rest sometimes. Whether you call it a rest, recovery or a destress day it needs to be a mental day as much as it is a physical one.

Here are my personal 3 ways to recharge, replenish and reenergize your brain towards success.

Be confident. We all have the potential to be successful in achieving what is important to us. Believing in ourselves, in our physical capabilities, is vital. We need to be confident that we have the strength and the energy to do the work that’s needed. This confidence in our physical abilities gives us confidence in our mental capabilities. Feeling strong and energized allows us to push forward, move ahead and make the smart choices we need to be successful. There are many ways to do this. Keep a journal so you can reflect on your achievements. Work with a professional, whether it be a trainer, nutritionist or a coach, to help you get to your next level.  Be confident in believing success is right in front of you.

Be selfish. This is always a hard one. Not only to achieve but also hard to write about. Selfish is a tough word. In the past, it has meant being unkind, thoughtless, self-indulgent. These days, we have a new understanding of the word selfish and it is not a bad “thing” It is just taking “me time”. It is just allowing some needed self-care, self-love.
Making self-care a priority is important for our mental recharge. So we have the love and the energy needed to give to others. How do we recharge? Find something that makes you happy. A visit with a friend, a massage or maybe it’s reading a book at the park lying on the grass under a tree with a good cup of coffee. Find your own selfish.

Be present. Let’s keep this simple as being present does not mean you need to stop and find your spiritual bliss. Unless that’s what you want to do at this moment.
We live in a world where we are supposed to move, think and do everything fast. Don’t stop actually go faster.
The issue with this fast-paced world is it can make us stressed, anxious and unfocused. Being present just allows us to spend some time enjoying where we are, here and now. Enjoy what you have worked so hard for at this time in your life. Being present doesn’t mean you will stop being successful. It just allows you to enjoy your success.
How do we stay present?  Create a bucket list with 3 things you would like to do this month.  Then do them. This will help to focus your energy in the present moment.

Be Confident, Be Selfish, Be Present 

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