The Art & Science of Time-Restricted Eating aka. Intermittent Fasting

Time restricted eating is the same as Intermittent Fasting. It is not calorie restriction, although weight loss may occur. It is when you eat all your calories for the day within a certain time frame. Our culture has taught us that grazing, eating all day is smart. Yet, our rate of disease including diabetes, heart disease and obesity is greater than it ever has been. This is a problem and the solution may be right in front of us. A practise that cultures have used for millions of years to cure illness, sickness and disease. Here is an example I share with my clients. When you are sick with the flu, your appetite decreases. This is a natural response because your body requires all its energy to fight and heal, rather than digest and eliminate.

So TRE or IF has the same effect. It gives your body time to rest from digesting, which requires a lot of energy, and allows your body to start cleaning the house. Cleaning house is your body picking up toxins, waste and dead cells then removing them, allowing new cells to regenerate and circulate in your body.

Benefits may include: 
– reduced inflammation
-reduced cholesterol levels
-improved gut microbiome
-increased energy
-weight loss
-reduced blood sugar levels

I personally have used TRE and IF for years to sustain my energy levels and clear some digestive issues I was having a few years ago. Both TRE and IF can put our bodies back into a more natural state by rebalancing our circadian rhythm.

There are many variations and I always suggest consulting a professional to determine which method is the best for YOU.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions.

Connie Oliwa CYT, RHN
Certified Yoga Trainer
Registered Holistic Nutritionist



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