Should I Hot or Should I Cold?

written by Connie Oliwa, RHN

Let us look at some benefits of both hot and cold water.


Stimulates your nerve endings which produce a bit of a kick-start for you. So if you are feeling tired, cranky or lethargic, a cold shower may be the answer.

Depression is a hot topic these days that we need to talk about often. Cold water increases the release of depression beating chemicals, such as beta-endorphins, and may assist in fighting depression.

Planning on starting a family? Cold water stimulates testosterone and may improve reproductive health. Try taking a cold shower together for the fun of it.

Always getting the flu, rashes, and sinus infections? Cold water stimulates the lymphatic and immune systems, boosting production of cells that may fight against these unwanted infections.


Hot water reduces sugar levels in the body which may decrease diabetes risk.

Feeling sick? Hot water clears the lungs and respiratory airways which decongests the throat and lungs.

Hot water cleans and detoxifies the body.

When our body is subjected to cold temperatures, circulation is sent inward towards the organs. As the outside temperature gets hot, the flow of circulation goes outward towards the skin.

Hence, alternating hot and cold showers creates an accordion effect in our circulation.

This effect unblocks internal flows that are stuck (stagnation within our bodies), which increases our natural detoxification ability and moves nutrients and freshly oxygenated blood to parts of our bodies that need it the most.

So, BOTH should be used. Not every day, maybe 2 to 3 times a week to help further cleanse our body.

Here is how I do it.

Start with a nice warm shower. We say hot/cold but hot does burn, so it is more of a warm/cold temperature. Enjoy as you cleanse.

Turn the temperature cooler so it is still comfortable. Take 5 long deep breaths.

Turn the water a little colder so now the temperature is a little uncomfortable. Take 5 long deep breaths.

Turn the temperature to where it is colder than you are comfortable with; soak your whole body including your head and face. Take 5 long deep breaths.

Turn off the water, dry off and moisturize.

I use sesame oil as it is effective in repairing damaged cells which slows down the aging process. In my Ayurvedic teachings, we apply sesame oil in the shower before we dry off for numerous other benefits.

Some people like the smell of coconut oil better. I enjoy the warmth of sesame oil.

In this blog, I discuss showering.

Although, on a hot day a cold glacier fed river feels really nice to sit in.

Email me if you have any questions and do share your experiences.

three person taking a bath
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