Our Thyroid and The Metabolism Connection

Our thyroid is a little butterfly-shaped organ located in the neck. I am not discussing the role of it but will say the hormones it releases control our metabolism, which is how we use our energy.

Our thyroid function manages our:



menstrual cycles

body temperature



ability to tolerate heat/cold

joint and muscle pain


3 Ways To Improve Our Thyroid Function 

Nutrition: Eliminate or at least reduce stimulants. Sugar causes inflammation to fire and plays havoc with the highs and lows of our thyroid function. Try avoiding sugar/stimulants for ten days. It is ok to use natural sugars like dates and fruits.

Exercise: Moving the body is not always about strengthening the muscles. Yes, we need to be strong and train for strength, but we also need to train for joint strength, a range of motion and connective tissue flexibility and mobility.  I encourage you to try a restorative or a yin yoga class. Enjoy some relaxation.

Stress Management: Sleep and rest more. Our bodies heal, repair and regenerate as we rest. So turn off the electronics an hour before bed. Use this time to read in a warm bath with a cup of tea, allowing our parasympathetic nervous system to slow down, reducing cortisol levels and calming our systems.

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