Microbiomes and Gut Health

I feel I need to talk about microbiomes. We are all concerned with gut health so let’s discuss it.

The #1 food to eat and grow a good gut is plant fiber. Our bacterial cells outnumber our human cells. Our microbes are not germs that cause disease, they are actually an essential part of our ecosystem in keeping us healthy. What can we feed our gut bacteria to optimize our microbiome? Whole foods that are mainly plant-based.

The key is to reduce meat consumption and discover more of a plant-based diet. We all have our own reasons for this. Be kinder to the environment and the animals, but one point I like to stress is most animals eat plants, not meat. Unfortunately, these days eating meat also means ingesting antibiotics and hormones which we know is killing our good bacteria and hurting our digestion. If you do consume meat choose antibiotic free, grass fed and reduce the size to an appetizer portion. This will cut down on the antibiotics consumed and reduce stress on your digestion.

The foods we eat determines the bacteria that grows in our gut. My recommendation is to be mindful of what you feed your body and to consume a variety of 10 different vegetables per week. This is a simple way to ensure you are getting a variety of nutrients.

Stay healthy and happy!

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