Homemade Strawberry and Banana Cashew Milk

cashew milkFor me, this is dessert. At night, I will warm it slightly and sip on it while reading before bed. I tried store brands of almond and other kinds of milk alternatives, but besides soy, they just seem so watery and tasteless. So I started making my own almond milk but almonds need to be soaked. Then I learned cashews don’t!

So cashew milk it is, yes, even in my morning coffee which adds a rich, creamy flavor to it. I like to keep things simple so this is how I make cashew milk.

1 cup cashews
3 cups water
Blend. Yes, that’s it. But adding vanilla, honey or cinnamon adds flavor if you wish it. Vary the water based on the creaminess you are looking for.

Then take 1 cup of milk and blend it with strawberries and a banana. The other two cups will last a good three days in the fridge.

Enjoy With Happiness.

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